Production Machines

CNC Machines

  • Mazak QUICK TURN SMART 350
  • Mazak QUICK TURN SMART 200M - 500U
  • Mazak QTNX 200 II
  • Mazak QTNX 100
  • Mazak QTNX 100 MS
  • Mazak QTN 10
  • Milling centre Mazak VTC 20B
  • CNC vertical machining centre Hartford PRO-1000 AG

Other Machines and Devices

  • Bandsaw Bomar SL 450 DGS
  • Bandsaw Pilous ARG 220 Plus
  • Thread rolling machine GWR 80
  • Centreless grinding machine BB6
  • Welding power supplies
  • Bending machines

Measuring Instruments

Spectrometer and Handheld Analyser DELTA ED-XRF :

  • Very accurate and fast non-destructive chemical analysis of metal and non-metal materials.
  • Instant verification of material quality and norms with regard to trace elements.
  • Fast positive material identification – PMI, material replacement, quality control and quality assurance (QC and QA).
  • Classification of metal materials and chemical analysis of metal waste.
  • Analysis of iron ores including Al, Mg, Si, P, etc.
  • For more information, please refer to the Prospectus


  • Visual control suitable for inspection of hard-to-reach places.
  • The endoscope’s diameter in the range of 0.7 to 25mm provides excellent image projection. The great resolution and diameter nominal also make inspection of the smallest details easier.

Thickness gauge:

  • Professional ultrasonic thickness gauge designed for measuring of metal and non-metal materials.
  • Makes it possible to easily measure wall thickness of piping, pressure vessels, tanks and other components.
  • Range: 0.8 to 225.0 mm